Donate to Save IRV

Save IRV Memphis can now accept donations!

Memphians overwhelmingly passed instant runoff voting, also known as ranked choice voting, in 2008. But, the Memphis City Council has passed a repeal referendum, and now voters in Memphis will have to again, for the second time, 10 years later, voice their support for ranked choice voting. This time on the 2018 ballot.

Then, Tennessee Senate Bill 2271 was introduced by Senator Ken Yager on February 1, 2018 as the Senate companion to Representative Mark White’s bill, Tennessee House Bill 0638, which was introduced in early February of 2017. This bill prohibits ranked choice voting across the state of Tennessee. This bill will have a hearing in the Senate State and Local Government Committee on March 13.

As a result, we need support for the lobbying trip we are planning to Nashville to oppose bill 2271. We also need funds to build the base for the citywide referendum campaign we hope to mount after we finish with the state legislature.  These donations will NOT be tax-deductible.  

If you’d like to donate by check or other method, please email us at