Ed Helms just joined the cause!

Ed Helms is funny – and he knows that corruption isn’t.

Share Ed Helms’ new video message to Memphis voters and tell your friends and family why they should vote AGAINST all Charter Questions.

With just 5 days to go, we’re in a race to stop the City Council from tricking voters into undoing the will of the people. We already passed Instant Runoff Voting, and this is our chance to stop politicians from overturning the voters.

Comedian and actor, Ed Helms

Share this video from Ed Helms, along with a personal message of support.

We have to reach as many people as we can before election day. Celebrities like Ed Helms help get people’s attention, but it’s regular people like you who actually persuade others.

Don’t wake up on Wednesday morning wondering if you could have done more. Share this video to spread the word, and get your friends to vote AGAINST all Charter Questions.

Thank you for your support,

The folks from the Save IRV, Memphis campaign